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Sunday, December 11, 2011

interesting typefaces 1

These are the ones with stylistic similarities.  Because of inconsistent inking, I used a carbon paper sheet over a much brighter sheet of paper.  The first image is the carbon, second is the top sheet.
None of these has a one key, so of course I messed up the alignment of shifted numbers.   And I made NUMEROUS typos in the text as well.


  1. Thanks for this comparison! Indeed, the Adler's typeface is exactly like the one on my new Optima :-), and it looks similar to the FP and to Olympia Congress (another typeface I've always envied). These print styles are pretty awesome, I love how different they look from regular pica - so crisp and clean.

  2. P.S. According to Ted Munk's indispensable scans of the NOMDA Blue Book, Adler called this typeface Imperial - I think yours is the Elite Imperial:

  3. Nice comparison. Just do not get the nice character of typeface print on computers. Unless you use some of the typeface fonts available.

  4. Interesting. Haven't compared my typefaces in a while.

  5. thanks for reminding me of Ted's scans. I think the FP is called Book.

  6. I just love the "ea" character on the Adler.

  7. me too - that one, the accents and degree are unique in my collection.


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