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Friday, December 16, 2011

Olympia SM-something

One more thing - I found an Adler electric the other day.  The unusual thing was the huge strap holding it in the case.


  1. I own this Adler. It's pretty good as a typer, but the keys have more vibration than the S-C electrics. I don't like it as much as my J5, though. And yes, mine has that big strap. I also have a newer model of this machine with a more modern keyboard and it has the big strap, too. RichardK/TX

  2. The Olympia looks like an SM-9. Somewhere along the line in the production the shift was changed from carriage to basket. I am not sure if the SM-8 is basket shifted. I know the SM-9 is a basket shift.

  3. I think the SM-7 was the last basket-shift model (my mother still has hers from college.) As I understand it, the SM-8 and -9 are identical, except for the tab-set mechanism. This is a 9 for sure, as it has tab set buttons next to the space bar. The 8 sets them on the back, I think, or with a lever of some kind. The SM-9 is the top-of-the-line model -- it's a great one!

    Verify word: misterh

    "That's a mighty fine typewriter you have dere, misterh."

  4. What Mike said -- it's definitely an SM9.

    The SM8 has sliding tab stops on the back of the carriage, and you can't adjust the touch.

  5. Coming in late on this, but am still wondering about an above post. The SM7's were all carriage shifted, correct? And the 8 and 9 were basket, right?



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