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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Did someone say Hermes?


  1. Yes, all of a sudden there is quite a bit of Hermes 3000 activity. My 3rd machine is a Hermes 3000 in a squared case. My 12 machine is also a Hermes 3000 in the curvey case. Both of mine are 1966 machines according to the SN and the typewriter database site. As all machines some have shortcomings others do not, just as they have advantages others do not. My most interesting machine to date is a Remington Noisless 7.

  2. I am enjoying this debate about the Hermes 3000!

    It shows us that personal tastes vary. I, myself, would like to have a Hermes 3000 in my collection.

  3. I just joined the Hermes 3000 debate and I love your "buttery" description. That fits perfectly!

  4. I'll agree that the Hermes is one of my favorite to use. Mine was a meticulously cared for typewriter owned by a little old lady. And the feel is what I would call 'easy' or perhaps even 'cushioned'.

    Also, a little tip about the white gunk on the keytops. You may try linseed oil (used for oil paints). I've run into that a few times and it seems the white stuff may be oil-based, so the linseed oil helps to disolve it where water and other cleaning things don't.


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