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Thursday, June 14, 2012

excitement builds


  1. Have a safe and wonderful trip.

  2. Are we onlookers to be treated to news of a trans-Atlantic type-in? Have a great time.

  3. Some thoughts: Where's Le Corbusier?
    Looking forward to the Zurich Type-Hunt!
    Neuschwansetein is probably totally overcrowded - I'd visit the Zeppelin museum in Friedrichshafen instead, I think.
    What? Geneva Type-In? When, what, where?
    Zurich is known for Züri-Gschnätzletes (cut meat, Zurich style), you might want to try this. There are thousands of local specialities in Switzerland.

  4. Centre Le Corbusier is way down in the park of the Zurichhorn in Distric 8. I'm lodging at the hotel Löwen way north of there.
    Le Corbusier was one of the first urbanist writers I had to read on the way to my Urban Studies degree so I wanted to see his last building and whatever is in it.

  5. Yay! Don't you come home without a Swiss find!

  6. Looking forward to seeing you, Peter! I'm always in Geneva so anytime on the weekend is fine for me to join in the type-in; should be fun!


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