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Wednesday, June 27, 2012


text to come later

galaxie draws a crowd


  1. Thanks for stopping by, Peter! It was lovely to meet you and I am smitten with my new Galaxie :) Will be putting up a post this evening.

  2. Very nice. A lot of fun, I'm sure. Wish I were there!

    The other guy with you is Adwoa's husband, am I correct?

  3. Looks like a perfect type-in/picnic. I look forward to reading about it.

    So nice to see the kids excited about the typewriter.

  4. Oh how fun! Thanks for posting these. Looks like you were all having quite the time.

  5. Adwoa's dress matches her couch! And Crocs, a sensible shoe - I get mercilessly teased when wearing them here in the states, though.

  6. Ace! I feel vaguely "connected", if you know what I mean. And well done on lugging the iron around!

  7. And thus my proclivity for wearing Crocs - only inside the house, though, Ted!!! - has been exposed to the world. Ah, well, it was bound to happen sometime.

  8. I very much like the photo with the young fan crowd around the Galaxie - I am sure the one or other of these kids will start caring for or even collecting typewriters. Why don't we all walk around with portables for a day or so and see what happens? - certainly it's good advertising.
    The Hermes Baby, Tippa, and the Kolibri (hi there!) make for a very nice choice of colours.
    Thanks again Peter for stopping by, seeing all of us, and I am really impressed with your marathon typing and type-in qualities!

  9. Wonderful pictures! It has been so much fun following along with your adventures, Peter! And you are definitely an ambassador for typewriterdom. We should come up with a fancy title for you...


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