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Friday, June 22, 2012

Unexpected sightings

I have been typing publicly (at the shore here in Altnau) and my plan tomorrow morning is to take the typewriter across the lake, typing if possible on the train and the boat, and at the hamfest also.  I will post all these when I get good images of them.
Meanwhile, here are some relevant sightings from the Hamfest today.  Cheer for your favorites.
First up - a display of teletype machines:

Next, improving on this theme, in the vendor area was an awesome booth of Enigma machines.

I did not know they could encode/decode pencils.  That's amazing!  Now LFP will want one. Or Richard, for privacy.  Capcha that, google!

then I came upon a couple of typewriters unexpectedly.
back home I would have jumped on this, but 3 strikes - carriage wouldn't move, no case and no price.

and qzerty?  is that Italian? 

No thanks.  Not even at that price.
then I spotted something for Adwoa:

and a few things I just thought were neat - I'll spare you the other hundred or so.

and finally this is what I bought for myself.  I was looking for a small straight key.  the ones in the main hall - new - were 90 euros and up!  I got this for 10, and he even helped me pick a good one out of the box.


  1. The teletypes are impressive and intriguing, though their complexity is way above my pay grade.

  2. I dig contraptions! Some very cool ones there.

  3. Very interesting machines! The key looks like an explosion proof navy key. Nice key.

  4. Fascinating! I'm trying to figure out what exactly the pencil gadget *does*.

  5. I had thought it was a flameproof too but looking it up it seems these were sealed against water and used on life rafts. That's from the first two hits I got, identical with each other.


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