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Sunday, September 2, 2012

a step up: "antique" row

 Today I strolled down to Antique Row to see what is there.  Some pretty interesting stuff, all out of my price range.
First I found a Remington which I didn't photograph, and the Electress is still at the store it's been in for months.
Then walking in another shop I saw this for $95.

very cool upstrike and nice looking, but the carriage didn't move with key presses.  It may be a simple adjustment I don't know about.  Neat though.

Remington portable 5.  They wanted $325. 

Adding machine from Facit

This Adler (8?) was marked down from $275 to $140 with "negotiable" scrawled in.  Are those outrigger buttons for shift or what?

Adler had a big wide ribbon and red besides.  Can't be easy to replace. Cool machine though.

Plenty of sewing machines too:

I only took this featherweight pic for the price - $325.
 The next two are toys, about 1/2 scale:

I saw a number of other typewriters not pictured.  Near the Fox was an Underwood similar to my Champion portable, and another store had 3 SCM's and an Olympia all from the 1960's.
There were also a lot of neat old phones, which I didn't photograph, and a couple of ham rigs with no prices.  I don't ask so they don't get their hopes up.


  1. Wait - the Fox is $95 and the Remie 5 is $325? Do they have some inverted weight-asking price scale?

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Yikes, those prices are more ludicrous than Etsy. I find the Facit adding machine interesting. And those sewing machines are definitely for Adwoa's eyes.

  4. Wow. Those prices range from optimistic to delusional. The Fox might have been an interesting project, but the Adler looks like a total beater. My experience is that the delusional sellers will eventually have a liquidation sale when they get behind on booth rent.

  5. You should get the Fox, that's a good price. I bet it just needs its drawband replaced.

  6. Pretty sewing machines! That Featherweight is a Centennial model, made in 1951 to commemorate Singer's 100th anniversary. You can tell by the blue band around the logo. The price is definitely on a par with eBay, though; so much for finding a bargain in a local shop!

  7. Antique stores can get ridiculous. I have to agree with Richard, though. That is quite a good price for an upstrike Fox...they command HIGH dollar on eBay.
    I have found some very good deals in antique stores in the past, but sometimes I just have to tell myself 'I can find this cheaper', even if it is something I want. Most of the time, it works out.

  8. My recent purchase of the Royal Arrow was at an antique store, and the price was reasonable. Same for a Remington All-Personal Riter at another antique store last year.

    But that Remington you saw for $325 at Antique Row is just plain RIDICULOUS.


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