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Saturday, September 1, 2012

responses and shopping

To start with, I had a question about the Adler I used the other day.  Here's my profile of the Adler from a few months ago.

first the bins - look at this cool old hair dryer!

biggest dymo I've ever seen

in the stores, first I found this Lettera but the carriage wouldn't advance with key presses.  Since the tab worked, it eans something is stuck like the space bar is sprung or something.  I left it.

I didn't even think to check the typeface - oops.

good quality reel-to-reel

This is interesting - a knitting machine

kknitter controls

If that cat had been anything like Ruby they'd have had to paint claw marks all over her.


  1. Entertaining thrift-glimpses. I am so disappointed with my local thrift store -- the manual typewriters dried up the better part of a year ago and have not come back.

    Thanks for nixing the captcha!

  2. Knitting machines are pretty cool, although they're kind of the plastic-wedge of craft technologies, I think. They're good for making broad swaths of knit fabric, but then there's all this... *fussing* that one must do to increase or decrease (like shaping panels for a sweater around the arm holes) and you can't easily (or ever?) knit round things like hats without a big seam. Hand-knitting is slower, but it's much more satisfying, in the end. Just two sticks and yarn and your own two hands.

  3. Nice sightings! I have irrational love of reel to reel players and force myself to stick to photos. The wall art at the end has a certain late 1980s look to it. It would be classy...somewhere.

  4. We have the most boring thrift stores here in the midwest! Nothing like yours.

    I was reading something on (I think) about another knitting machine: one that was run via a cartridge you inserted into your original Nintendo! It was never released in America but was in Japan...crazy!

  5. pulling an adwoa is something we all ought to start doing since we all have so many damn machines already

  6. Neat thrift store sightings.

    I had one of those Sony's as a kid. Used the daylights out of it. Now we have mini disks and all kinds of sampling recording and no real recording unless one still has one of the old tape recorders. (yep I still do 15 ips multitracks and no room to use them)

    I disabled the Captcha on my blog a few months ago. So far no problem.

  7. "Pulling an Adwoa"... love it! I agree with Michael; we have too many machines to bring home any more.

    Cool finds; I've seen knitting machines before but would prefer to do it by hand like Clemens, I think.


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