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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

This one gets a bye

pic from last year when I got it, and used it on my NaNo
My morning train will come from an earlier stop this year - I won't be the first in the space (and thus part of the "sound profile" others must accept and join or reject while still afoot) so I will use that as my Internet Time to free up more writing time.


  1. That is a very nice Adler! I think I may use my J3 portable for NaNo; I really like the feel of it. Played with it some tonight and I'm really digging it!

    You're actually going to take that big fellow on the train? Should be fun!

  2. Neat looking Adler.

    I have a few typewriters with the back space key on the right and I prefer it there. It is so handy compared to most of the American made (& Hermes) with the back space in the wrong spot (the left).
    Maybe I am one of those who uses the back space more than the margin release. Then I like the office machines & my Classic 12s with a tab bar in the center rather than looking for a tiny key placed just about anywhere.

  3. I wouldn't mind an Adler Universal, but I just don't have the space for it.

    Thanks for sharing though, it's a great looking machine.

  4. I SO want one. I recently got another big Adler, a Special, but it's not the same model. Will appear on my blog sooner or later.

  5. Actually, now that I take a closer look, your Adler looks a lot like mine.

    For a different style Universal, see Alan's or this one.

    1. That's the kind I've seen in photos online, had not seen one exactly like my own. A "Special" you say? I think I recall Georg showing me that in a book he has, now you remind me.

  6. I love these huge Adler's. Most of them seem to be SG1 clones, but that is nothing to scoff at!

    A great looking, hulking, machine.


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