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Sunday, September 23, 2012

dog years


  1. Some electronics are considered over the hill in 2 years, so I guess it's about 25:1!

  2. OCR is much improved. NaNo will not bog down at upload this year. I will test it with script soon.

  3. The product cycle for DSLR cameras is around 18 months, but they keep working long after the poor file output and low light performance becomes a total annoyance. The communications between them and computers is a different matter. Laptops, with the exception of the really expensive speed demons, are dinosaurs after five years.

    For a laptop compared to a Corona 3 or Underwood 3-bank, that would be roughly 20:1.

  4. Proud of my laptop, an IBM ThinkPad X31, still going strong after 8 years of existence! (I've had it for about 2, though).

  5. At my last job product cycle life was 5 years. By the time I left it was down to 2 years. So you can figure on electronics now being obsolete in 2 years or less.

    The DSLRs may last longer than the 18 months, but try getting them serviced. One of the problems with the things made off shore. The manufacturers do not need to support them like when an item was made in the USA and even customer service and repairs the USA manufacturers is becoming non-existent (or it'll cost more than a new product).


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