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Saturday, February 2, 2013

ITAM day 1

next week isn't going to be any better, we have to re-do all the work we did this week, on another compressed deadline

First up - warning, coarse language - is a rap about thrift shopping.  It features the big Seattle Goodwill, which you may recall from this blog not long ago.  As you know I've been shopping for "Grandpa's Style" myself lately, so it was a hilarious coincidence that this song appeared at the same time.

Then there's this very amusing thing, an American corruption of the Chap movement perhaps?  I hope it's a joke.  I love how they call it "Artisanal Manliness".  What's really funny about this is that the adventure described is not far at all from the high-end safaris of the mid-20th century, as described by Bunny Allen, who used to lead them.  He was an interesting character.


  1. That song's been making the rounds here at home, when little ears aren't in the room. Utterly hilarious, and annoying catchy! It's in my head every time I go thrifting...

  2. I find the same as Mr. Clemens with the song. I think someone put an endless loop of the tune in my head.

    Happy ITAM. I've yet to start except for a few letters yesterday and today.

    Besides it's Ground Hog Day!

  3. Fun song!

    No typewriters, but at least they feature an adding machine.

  4. PS: Why did American cities tear up their rails?? Idiots!!

  5. On the one hand, after reading this I will be giving the side eye to our railways and thinking what fantastic bike paths they would make... on the other hand, I agree with Richard that it was an idiotic move; having a properly functioning railway system is a bonus here in Switzerland. Glad to see the Tippa's getting some use - yeah, that skipping escapement issue tends to pop up when one least expects it and then becomes rather stubborn. Pity; Tippas are usually quite reliable.


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