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Friday, February 8, 2013

SG3: the Voyage Home


  1. You know... Every standard I have, and have ever come across, has a wide carriage.

    My theory is, that after they started producing very solid portable typewriters, the standards essentially became machines that were for serious workhorse purposes only. So, they were usually bought with wide platens to accommodate the headier tasks they were being purchased for.

  2. And I can't believe you rode all that way with an SG3!

    I took my SG1 over to John a few weeks ago for him to have a look at. As it was heavy, I kind of just... left it in the car for a week. Some time later I bought myself a Bar-Lock 22, and I decided - it was time to move these things out of the car. I carried the SG1 up stairs, then came back down to get my Bar-Lock. After I carried both of those up stairs roughly 2 storeys) I was wreaked!

    I can only imagine what it was like swinging a machine like this on the back of a bike.


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