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Sunday, February 3, 2013

not much typing day 2

I didn't get much typing done, and none scanned, but I did check out a Goodwill in Lakewood after we'd been to the Pierce College Science Dome for a show on the study of the heliosphere, and one on Mars.

For this blog, however, the Goodwill had only one typewriter an SCM Sears job with weird reels and a standard elite typeface.

I didn't bring it home, this time but I am still curious about those ribbon reels (the other one looks the same).


  1. Weird. I have never seen any like that. I wonder if it was an attempt to keep the majority of the ribbon from drying when the machine was not in use.

  2. How cool! The styling on these Sears Smith-Coronas is usually a little more bold and experimental than on the ones with the Smith-Corona name -- and I have never seen a ribbon spool like that either. Is it part of the typewriter, or was it sold with the ribbon? Looks so fancy. Maybe it's SCM's response to the Royal ink cartridge system ... what did they call it?

  3. PS: Looking closely at the photo, it says "Sears Roebuck & Co." What does this tell us? ...

  4. That ribbon thing is a cool find! I wonder if Bill's idea is right...

  5. I lifted one out and it came up normally buy I didn't think to check the advance system. To me they resemble the multi-color system on a few Sears electrics.

  6. 1. It could be to help prevent the ribbon from drying by encasing it in a cartridge
    2. Also to make changing/winding the ribbon neater (notice the finger holes in the cap)
    3. My favorite guess is that Sears wanted to be the only ribbon supplier for this machine and this cartridge would be only available through them. I've never seen one before.

  7. Peter, perhaps you should consider going back and picking up that Sears typewriter. I think the ribbon casing already makes it worth keeping.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I knew that was coming, just wondered from whom... LOL


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