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Monday, February 11, 2013

near-past retro tech

I know someone in the typosphere will get a kick out of this.  I won't order it, as the shipping is more than I would want to pay, but if I see one in the bins i might be tempted.

It's a TRS-80 model 100, and a pretty slick looking toy it is too.   The link to the auction, which ends Friday 2/15/2013 can be found HERE.(new window)


  1. Hmmn, I am tempted. I have one of those and two T200's left over from the 1980's. I still use them occasionally for controlling things like timelapse cameras. They are amazingly handy and fun to have around.

    Heh, you should get it. We could start a retrotech M100 branch of the Typosphere :D

  2. Ohhh. I like it. Interesting! Right up my alley.

  3. I;m curious, does this work like Alphasmart?

  4. Very cool. Reporters used to use those TRS portables back in the early days of laptops, when battery life was (still is) a consideration. The modern incarnation is the Alphasmart Neo.


  5. I've wanted one of those for 20+ years. One of these days I might actually do something about that. Love it.

  6. So much interest, yet the bids are not rising!
    hmm may have to rethink.

  7. Did you get it? $16 is a screamin' deal (:

    1. No, my max was 15, because the shipping doubled that.


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