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Monday, May 13, 2013

Based on a true story

I have fictionalized my flight down to LAX to make the purpose a bit more interesting, and since my own name doesn't have a nice "fictional" sound to it, I casted about vainly for another.  obviously rule one was brevity but perhaps I need to prioritize "mouth feel" of names above brevity.

So yes, I did type on Virgin America again and realized later I was using the same typewriter again.


  1. How much of it is true though? For all we know you didn't even manage to get past security!

    Also, are you aware of any type-ins or related events scheduled in the Tacoma/Seattle area? I've been wanting to participate in one.

    1. All of it is true except the name and I wasn't following anyone. Even the dialogue happened that way. I thought everyone knew I usually want to try to type on planes - but not redeye flights.

  2. I get the feeling you're talking from experience here.

    Hmmm... going to try and write a bit on my next flight to Melbourne - if they let me.

  3. I still haven't had the nerve to type on an airplane.

    These gadgets of ours sure do draw strong reactions! Usually positive ones.


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