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Friday, May 24, 2013

Bond Day iii - Casino Locale

I suppose I could have saved up and made a visit to Monte Carlo, but after spending so much at the gun range in the afternoon, I was feeling impecunious that evening, so I just drove to the second-nearest casino to my home.

No, I didn't buy this.  On my way to the casino I came upon a goodwill 20 minutes before closing.  They had this late-model Olivetti and an Irish tweed jacket that was too small.  I left there empty-handed but with my meagre gaming stake intact.


  1. Yep, I daresay the villains would have been in the smoking section, "while you dilly-dallied and rubbed shoulders with the working classes, 007. Probably drank a beer too, no doubt. Hmmph!"
    M would have said it something like that, while refilling his pipe.
    Progressing nicely, Mr Bond.

    1. "No, sir. No beer, either. Since you sent me for that rest cure (in 'Thunderball') I don't run across proper villains anymore."


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