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Saturday, May 25, 2013

reflections on Bond Day

I found a gif of the pistol mechanism on tumbler via Bing:

As wikipedia described the Kel-Tecs as " short-recoil operated" and the Walther as " blowback-operated," I figured the difference was important so I looked it up and I'm not sure how I'd apply it in fiction.  Interesting reading though.


  1. I've often marvelled at the intricacies and engineering that goes into the production of firearms. I realise that it's a macabre topic for a lot of people, but given the type of fiction that I want to write, then knowing how pistols operate is pretty much mandatory.
    Similar to typewriters and wristwatches, everything needs to move and work in such tight tolerances and sequences in order for these machines to operate properly.

    1. Exactly my take on it. They're pretty fascinating, I wish there was less emotional and political baggage attached to them. I certainly see more guns than typewriters on tv.


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