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Sunday, May 5, 2013

The weekend in typewriters

view from the Swedish Cultural Center

Riding up the street, I saw a typewriter on a car tailgate and had to get a shot of it.  I like that it's on a "Matrix" too.

View of the Locks


  1. Congratulations on the fine looking SM-7. There are seldom, if ever any typewriters of any value in our local thrift stores.
    Great weather yesterday for bicycling, even in Florida. Clear blue skies and only about 75 F and 50 or so percent RH. Now all I need to do is take my camera and typewriter.

  2. Great bikecast and thanks for taking us along on the trip. I'm still putting off sorting out the alignment on my Baby. I need good light, a dollop of patience and a spare afternoon without other time pressures. Then I'll be joining you in the saddle.

  3. Very Nice SM7! I'm liking mine a great deal more than the SM9 now that I've used it awhile.


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