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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

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  1. I have always had good luck just spraying some Liquid Wrench penetrating oil around. And yes, I do mean "around".

    If I get some sticky keys, clunky carriage or return lever, I'll just look around for some pivot points or metal gears or what not and spray it a couple times. 95% of the time, whatever was the problem is gone and the typer works so much better and smoother.

    The only issue is cleaning up any oil that may have pooled up at the bottom of the case. If its open-bottomed, I'll just put a towel or something under it and then soak up what I can inside with a cloth or q-tip.

    That penetrating oil seems to lubricate a little bit, clean and protect the metal and I think it evaporates a little bit as well.

    Its really my #1 tool for restoring a typewriter. Get some canned air and you can really get that oil in a thin layer.


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