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Sunday, December 5, 2010

still part of the story of typewriters- Super deLuxe

I wanted a photo of this brand and found an archived link:
is that the precursor to Will's site?
The pics there would not load, i had to drill a second level of archive, thus:
That should scare Richard - maybe his protagonist runs it.



  1. "is that the precursor to Will's site?"

    Will's site has sat on many hosting providers over the years, most recently Geocities. oocities is an archive of the old Geocities sites made before Yahoo shut them down. Unfortunately, photos were not included. Will's site now officially lives at, but most of the pages have broken image links.

    Until can be fixed, I've taken it upon myself to capture and correct virtually all of the typewriter-related material (around 250 pages) and am temporarily hosting it all on my own site. You can access those pages at

  2. I'm so glad these resources aren't being lost. It's interesting how the search will sometimes turn up the old rather than the new.


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