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Friday, December 31, 2010

How much should I (would you) offer on this?

There's a Smith-Corona (I think it's an 88) for sale at a local 'antique' shop.  The keys seem to work but are gummy.  What should I offer?  Bear in mind I usually bail on an auction at about 25 bucks but that's because I'm mindful of shipping costs.


  1. Try $20-30. Trust me, these are great machines, and you won't want to pass one up! They're also pretty hard to find too.

  2. Less than 20$ !! I would personally pay not to get it (given its status) but that's just me...

  3. how does it compare with the royal fp? Matt i think you have both, right?

  4. I have a Smith Corona desktop model not too different from that one, from the looks of the carriage return lever. I imagine the inner workings are pretty similar. If the type is straight (a personal requirement of mine) then I would be willing to pay up to $50 myself, if it didn't have shipping charges attached.

    My machine was gummy on arrival, too. Take off the outer chassis, ribbon, and platen, and spray it with Liquid Wrench while working each key lever back and forth. That stuff is money.

    I love portable typers, but people told me there is nothing like a smooth running full size machine - and they were right. Also, as Matt said, they are hard to come by.

    You can check out my SMC at my blog if you're interested.

  5. You mean the Librarian? Thats way cool. I bet you're right that the machine inside is essentially the same. I'll have to go back with a ribbon and paper and try it out. I don't yet have any repair confidence so they need to be fully operational.

  6. I second typograph's recommendation on Liquid Wrench. You'd be amazed at the amount of "fixes" just a spray of Liquid Wrench and canned air will do.

    As for "repairs" and cleaning, its one of the easier one's to build confidence and open up a lot more typewriters to buy. That may be a bad thing, though:)


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