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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Underwood Universal


  1. That's a cool looking machine. As with American cars, I prefer most typewriters from the late Forties through the mid to late Fifties. They just look right, including your Underwood.

  2. Dude! Get a new ribbon! :)

    I like that winged globe logo so much that I just took half an hour and created a cafepress store using it:

    If you have any objections, I'll take it offline. And if you like any product (up to $15) enough, I'll send you one. Let me know.

  3. That logo is why I bid on this machine! Let's see, the thong or the mouse pad...?
    it WOULD be funny to have "underwood" on one's skivvies.

  4. oh - so anyway no i don't object I think it's hilarious. I'd like to know if you get many sales, and also anything you may know about this logo which i'd never seen before.

  5. If I find anything about the logo, I'll let you know. I'm sure I've seen it on other '50s Underwoods, but I've never systematically studied it.

    I think I may need an Underwood iPhone case. Even though I don't have an iPhone. ...

    Based on my previous experience at cafepress, this will only bring in a few dollars a year. But it's fun.

  6. hey -- i just picked up an identical machine today -- i have a a dozen or so underwoods and this is the first with the wings logo -- i also ordered two of the shirts -- thanks


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