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Thursday, December 2, 2010

thoughts on NaNo and remington KMC


  1. Yeah, one of these days, I want to just "know" my characters and see where they take me. Haven't done that yet, as both Nanos I have done, they characters were either shadows of real people or already defined and the plots were pretty well worked out before I started writing.

    And I'm with you. Knowing that you can complete a story, no matter how crappy, means you can do it and that can be improved upon.

    I calculated if I write 4 pages a day (1,800 words) for 300 days a year, then that is over half a million words. My experience tells me, that if I can do something that regularly, I'm either going to be good at it or I'll definitely know I won't.

    Knowing either way is quite valuable.

  2. It was very satisfying to complete my NaNo -- I'd dreamed of being a novelist forever, and now I am one! (Never mind that it's a first draft of an unpublished novella. I wrote it, dammit.)

    I started off with only the vaguest of ideas and let the plot emerge. Sometimes I had to actively make it come out, which was painful, and sometimes it just popped out of my unconscious. That was really fun and interesting.

    I've come to believe that, at least for me, making up the story in advance is a bad idea.


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