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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Formatting experiment

I'm noticing that the best way to avoid the picture-viewer thing is to format to page width, but also that images are re-sized horizontally when they are of different lengths.  It's annoying.  So, I'm trying out different paragraph snippets to find out the optimum size.


  1. The every day grind of work. You are not alone. I awake, run, bicycle or exercise and do a few things in the morning before the normal get ready for work routine, work, cook dinner, help my wife with her PT and then off to bed. I surprise myself when I get a bit of computer and / or typing time and maybe even get to some trumpet time before bed. Hardly ever on the air any more and very little if any photography.

  2. The formatting on this post looks good.

    I've found that as long as you keep a consistent pixel width in your typewritten snippets, that it doesn't matter so much what the length is. It may indeed show up larger in a graphics program, such as PhotoShop, but as long as you select "display image in original size" in Blogger, the snippets should look fairly uniform.

    NOTE: For full-sized scanned pages, make sure to have the Lightbox option turned off: Blogger Dashboard --> Settings --> Posts & Comments; third option from the top.

    This way, when the image is clicked, it loads in a new page and the cursor turns into a magnifying glass. Click on the image and it will reload in its original size.

    I prefer sizing the images to show up as closely to the original typewritten text in my blog posts, but occasionally will include larger full pages (such as scans of my short stories written as a kid). Having to click on the images a couple times for the original size is a bit cumbersome, but definitely better than the Lightbox option!

  3. Man, I feel ya.

    My lasy year of school, being last year, happened to coincide nicely with insane stress at work. I would work 10-12 hours on graveyard shift, sleep for four hours, and then head off to school. The schedule alone was bad enough so that every petty little issue that I might normally have ignored ballooned to elephantine proportions. And maybe it was the iminent completion of a novel or my undergrad, but all of the sudden I found myself wondering why I was, in fact, putting up with it at all.

    It's not easy, that situation.


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