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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Strike Force update


  1. Hey I tried turning off capcha. I can't tell because as blog owner I don't see it anyway. Someone let me know.

  2. captcha appears to be off. Excellent report on the strike force. May the prostelyzation continue! (:

  3. No captcha? Couldn't wait to comment!

    Excellent news about the strike force, and it is very nice of you to give away a few of the (trouble-free) typewriters you don't use often. I agree that as collectors we are spoiled for choice; someone who only has one typewriter will surely cherish that Olympia B12!

  4. Sounds like the Strike Force is a great success. Great anecdotes.
    The collector's advantages are true, I almost never use my Adler Junior 12, it would be nice machine, but I don't like it.

  5. Awesome report!

    You should type out note cards on these topics you have and don't want to forget or at a very minimum, a list you can check off when you have blogged it. I have found that very helpful.

    I also agree with advantages. I love getting a new typewriter, to gauge its feel, but if I don't like it, it doesn't get used.

  6. Very enjoyable report. I love the thrill that came from typing in red!

    Thanks for dumping the captcha.


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