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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Nice Sunday

We had a nice bike ride in Olympia after Blintzapalooza! and Book Sale at Temple Beth Hatfiloh
On the way home I was driving so we stopped to check the bins and hit paydirt!

In other news, I'm going to answer the questions from Retro Tech Geneva one at a time on whatever typewriter I'm using, so here goes.



  1. I see we should also be gathering some new ribbons to slip into your suitcase when we see you, Peter! :-)
    Almost couldn't make out that last paragraph...

    1980? Wow, impressive! That also explains your fascination with speed key tops. Now I know something new about you; looking forward to the next answer!

  2. Nice find. Finding a nice typewriter on a trip is always enjoyable. I may post Adowa's questions and my answers on my blog. I noticed several doing it and it is a fun way to find out a bit about each other.

  3. Very nice trash find. And your way into typewriter collecting is interesting. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Another great catch! You're really lucky when it comes to finding typewriters :)
    And 1980? That's amazing! I was a baby back then...


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