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Monday, March 5, 2012


setting up my new pc - a Dell inspiron duo.

  here's my Kindle software all set
and here I am at Straight Key Night, copying on the Navy mill.


  1. I associate you with typewriters so much that it's almost funny to hear that you're putzing around on a PC. ( :

  2. I like the look o' that Kindle dashboard!

  3. Nice! What I find encouraging about e-book software is that the interfaces are so clean and easy to use. And the surprising thing is that seeing all the book covers laid out so nicely really makes me want to click and read... which is what many claim to be the advantage of having physical bookshelves.

  4. One of my famous statements for about a few months is 'one day I will have a Kindle'. Great looking interface. I like ebooks for the simple ease of taking several books on one small device. There are also thousands of otherwise unavailable books only available in e-format. Then my hard drive died....

  5. Got to say, the picture of the Navy mill captures the imagination more. Maybe because I work onscreen a lot, (who doesn't these days?) the relaxation I get from reading still only starts with a printed page. I CAN read off the screen, but it doesn't come easily. Those Kindle-friendly covers certainly stand up for themselves though!


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