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Friday, March 23, 2012

planning ahead

I'll find out if Virgin America will let me type this trip.


  1. Sounds like a busy time. I'll be doing some travelling this summer and I plan on taking a Smith-Corona Skyriter. It just arrived within the past week. I need to do some normal cleaning and that is about all. I have some other small typewriters, but the cases are too big or unhandy. I was thinking of a Hermes Featherweight or Baby, but the prices do not fit my budget.

    I also plan on taking my HF portable (unless I opt for QRP) with me plus my wife's mobility scooter so the typewriter had to be small with a lid type case.

    Fortunately I am not leaving the States and will not be flying.

  2. Sweet typeface -- I particularly like the 3 and 5.

    I assume this is the big Adler Universal and is not an option for traveling. I must get one of these someday.

  3. Richard: correct! The typeface was a bonus on this one. I liked the one you used for the latest Kittler post.
    Bill: Where are you going? I always try to work in some radio too. Domestically I just bring the VX-8 and internationally the FT-817, though I mostly seek clubs and make eyeball qso's or as I say, working the visible spectrum.
    I'm going to try to get in touch with 4U1ITU for this trip.

  4. I take it you are heading to Geneva.

    IA & IL and if I get time MT since I am rather close-by. I have some friends there I have not seen in several years.

    I have VHF in the car and will be taking a VX-6R and my IC-735 HF kit unless I need more room I'll take the HW-8 and skip all the niceties of the Icom. I'd like to have an 817. Maybe I would if I did not buy typewriters.

  5. Oh, I don't think you'll find traveling on a train with a typewriter all that bad, despite my whining. If you have several other pieces of luggage to be keeping an eye on, you would do better to avoid it, of course. Otherwise, like any bulky piece of luggage, you'll fare better if the train is emptier, but there's no way to find that out in advance.

    Sounds like your plans are coming along!


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