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Saturday, April 28, 2012

K2 contunued

I scrubbed the top, but not the body.  Can you see enough difference to be worth scrubbing the rest?

Everything is "Deluxe" in typewriters!


  1. Love the way they write "DeLuxe."

    I think the body looks a smidge yellower than the top, but I'm not sure. Might as well clean it all!

    I would bet the case is aluminum.

  2. Curves! The case looks very similar to the fiberglass hard case I have for Imperial Good Companion 5 0 right down to the colour.

  3. My Everest looks identical except for the typeface. Yours works properly, and that is a big plus. The shell is indeed cast aluminum.

  4. The key tops look almost like Hermes and the curves reminds me of the old Hermes 3000. Nice typeface.

  5. Congratulations on the K2! It looks beautiful and seems to type very nicely too. I think I missed the origin story on this one? This is the same model I found in the trash last year, except that was a very nice red - a French keyboard ruined the fun for me and I passed it on to Georg :(
    Nevertheless, I remember it as being quite pleasant to type on.

  6. Scrubbing is always justified, IMHO. I'm no germaphobe, but removing a layer of someone else's grime and bodily sheddings just seems sensible to me.


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