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Saturday, April 21, 2012

rambling thoughts at a concert


  1. Very good thoughts. I try to use the matching machine for everything I write. That might also have to do with subtle feelings about a typewriter.

  2. Interesting post. I know from my own experience that I used different trumpets for different music. This is because some music is written for different trumpet and some just have a distinct sound and that can make or break a solo. Then not a single trumpet covers the entire range of music.

    Flutes? I don't know I should ask one of my sisters.

    Typewriters. I usually choose by my mood. If I am in a nostalgic mood I will choose my Underwood or maybe the Royal or Remington. If I am more into modern or just typing. I pick one of the newer ones like my 3000, TP1 or J4.
    I have other newer ones, but for whatever reason seldom choose them.

  3. I tend to go through phases of typewriters. Once a week or so I'll rotate a new machine on to my desk. This week it's going to be my Royal Custom III. It's not perfect and needs a little adjusting, much like me. ;u)


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