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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Typing trip - Hotel bar

On my way through the lobby I noticed the tables outside the bar but still in their service area and thought, hmm...
So I bought a few postcards and stamps and looked up addresses. I only found Richard's and Adwoa's, so I wrote one for my wife and Ryan's (Seattle) will have to get mailed from home  Here's one for the blog.

This place is full of older executive types who got a kick out of the typewriter.  the first one who came to chat got drafted into taking pics, so here they are:

Then a younger guy came by and pronounced me "the coolest guy in the place with that typewriter" which as you can imagine is not a common experience for me.
Finally before my last card another fellow came by and had to email his friend.  He got a pic of the machine to send him.

I almost bailed in favor of packing but I'm glad I went through with it.


  1. Haha, great feedback, excellent! Thanks for the typosphere greetings!

  2. The highlight of the trip! Thanks for sharing.

  3. You are bravely forging a path for 21st-century typewriting! Well done. And I look forward to the postcard, thanks!

  4. There is such a wonderful aspect to the Typosphere - that of entertaining the world. Way to go!


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