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Saturday, April 14, 2012

trip wrap-up and missed opportunity

My last little story of my typewriter trip is that so far the TSA agents have been pretty pleasant about it. At LAX security  I heard a woman say "It's a typewriter" and when I looked up she was miming the typing for her colleague.  The four of them were grinning at it as it came through and out of the x-ray.  It does seem to entertain them, and then they have something to talk about at break time.
I went to the Goodwill outlet and I found a nice Olympia SM9.  But I also found the lid to an old Royal, and I'm hoping the typosphere can help me identify what was under it.  When I mentioned not finding the typewriter the clerk said "We had a BUNCH of 'em in here yesterday."
Here are pics.  Tell me what was under this.  I'm afraid I may have missed the best type of QDL.

someone did well on their assignment

this is what i did take home.  I'll probably give it away


  1. Nice typewriter.

    In 10 years of living here and visiting thrift stores I have yet to see anything but daisy wheel wedges.

  2. Here in the midwest ALL we have are those same wedges. Only once - ONCE - have I found a decent Selectric. I pounced on it obviously!

  3. My own thrift store has been dry for a couple of months -- wedges, printers, and recently a GINORMOUS Olympia daisywheel machine from about 1980.

    OMG that's the lid to a gold-plated Royal !!!!

    Just kidding.

  4. Haha Richard. I only have Royal cases in the houndstooth pattern from the fifites, never like this one. Is this one from the forties?

  5. I wish Margo had a sturdier case. Richard's prank was pretty funny, though.

    The case looks a lot like the one that came with the Royal QDL I passed along to my brother for Christmas. See here:

  6. I was afraid it would be something cool like that. Thanks.

  7. My 1946 QDeL sleeps in a cse just like that one.

  8. Yes, that's the same top lid I have for my glass-key QDL with "issues" (the ribbon-advance gears appear to have been made from crumbly marzipan.) It's an elite machine, so I use it less.

  9. Getting a typewriter, but leaving the case in the store? Who does this?

  10. Yup, same case as my 1948 QDL. I would be *very* sad to not find the rest of it.

  11. It's been f-o-r-e-v-e-r since I've found a typewriter in ANY Goodwill store. I was assuming it was some kind of nationwide policy to stop selling them locally, putting them all on shopgoodwill or tossing them.

    Now I guess I'll have to keep shopping.

  12. I suppose it's rubbing it in that an SM9 is the consolation prize for missing out on a 40's Royal. I went by today to see if it had been in another bin. Someone had a cart loaded with a Sears-SCM case and a Remington KMC.


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