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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Another rescue

I want to  boast that I was able to exercise some impulse control tonight.  The weird thrift store in South Tacoma has a lovely mid-60's Super Sterling for which they were asking 29.99 but there was a 30% off sale currently and I do not know how firm those prices are anyway.  If a certain Olympia collector wants me to pick it up for her...


  1. The term "pound puppies" made me smile. I think because of the double meaning. Pounding the keys because they haven't been used in ages.

  2. A lovely machine for sure; nice impulse control! I bought my blue Underwood on ebay for over $60. Now that's a real impulse FAILURE hahaha.

  3. I'm having some trouble seeing some of your recent typecasts on my home computer, but maybe it's just me. High resolution monitor, so they display very small, and there's no easy clicky-to-enlarge.

    You have to laugh at some of the names they gave to the whiz-bang features back in the day, no? Magic Margins! Miracle Tab! Say what?

    I'm somewhat tempted to take you up on the Sterling...but I think the Galaxie would get jealous. And I seem to cause older Smith Coronas to stop working (or, as in the case of one I ordered from Keith on the portable typewriter group, end up having them completely flattened by a truck or some such thing before they can get to me).

  4. Also, holy smokes...what is with the pink Royal on shopgoodwill?? You mentioned it a few days ago, so I went back to check, and it's over $200 now! I realize that's not the most common color,

  5. good grief! My max on that pink royal was $23! Maybe I should paint my Aristocrat pink and sell it!

  6. Makes you think, doesn't it? It ended at $256!


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