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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

March 31


  1. gah, too small to read except the last line! But yeah, $150 isn't bad for a well-refurbed late-model machine. It's about what the typewriter shops charge and is considerably cheaper than and most Etsy stores.

  2. I've resized the pic. That's a normal letter-sized paper. That machine has about 16 characters per inch! I'd love to see an artsy layout with the big-type one traded recently in PHX.

  3. hmm now you can't click it into its own screen and it runs into the junk on the right. i'm changing it back

  4. I'd like to read that but, alas, I can not.

    Word verification (No joke!) - "resised". Despite the incorrect spelling, I think the computer is trying to tell you something.

  5. The word verification cracks me up!

    But yeah...I wasn't able to read it either. :\

  6. Ah, that's better.

    I'm really bummed about missing your type-in. I hope it goes well.

  7. OK, so I got a crick in my neck, but I *was* able to read it pretty easily. ;)

    I plan to be there for the library type-in! Let us know what time to show up!

    And hopefully I'll have my Lettera 33 back by then, in spiffy shape and raring to go. I can bring any of the others it'd be nice to have along.


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