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Monday, March 28, 2011

prompt 2

typed on a like-new Classic 12.


  1. Interesting read!

    So, are the monkeys people?

  2. It has been noted that typewriter collectors also collect pens. Is is possible that we are mostly cat-lovers, too? I am seeing common traits in how we see ourselves through feline eyes.

    Yes, @deek, the monkeys are supposed to be people. What a general insult to primates! From what I see during rush hour, the difference between humans and monkeys is that monkeys are capable of socially responsible behavior.

  3. Love this! Monkeys really are more "human" than humans can be at time, aren't they. I like this one a lot! (And the fact that it was written on a Classic 12 only makes me like it more!)

  4. I, too, noticed the cat trend. That overlap is pretty funny. I put it down to the idea that dog owners are less likely to pursue indoor activities.


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