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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

one-sided dialog

This is a stamp I carved for a letterbox.  It's the figurehead of the  Cuauhtemoc, the Mexican national sailing ship that came to Tacoma for Tall Ships 2005


  1. Um actually, SF is really super easy on a typewriter. As long as you can set some rudimentary tabs or don't care so much about formatting. And you can fix formatting when you type it into whatever software you use as you edit your first draft.


  2. Was gonna say the same thing about Script Frenzy on a typewriter - the ONE time I tried it, I found it easier on a TW than a PC - just set your tabs at the appropriate place and you're good.
    (My abysmal failure at SF that year had zero to do with what machine I used.)
    Awesome stamp. How does one carve such a thing? A tutorial would be in order.

  3. No SF for me, but I can see it being very easy on a typewriter. I have played around with script formatting before, and its just a hassle on most computers.

  4. Deek! Why no SF for you?

    And if you are going to do it on a comp, I'd go download Celtx. Very very easy to use, and it does all the formatting for you--all you have to do is tab to get to the bit of formatting you want, and it does a lot of that somewhat automatically. It makes scriptwriting super easy.

    And same for you duffy: why not trying it again? I dunno... maybe it's just the fact that I like writing dialogue best of all, but SF seems tons easier than NaNo...

  5. I was thinking WP because all the slugs and character names could populate off of autocorrect. but i do see that with a typewriter and the pdf page count the whole tedious text ocr step is avoided, as is the pagination hassle
    in the WP software.
    that's the only impression i have of that stamp. that letterbox is gone. i opened my photo and flipped it then drew it freehand on the rubber, then I had to carve in negative - that's the hard part for me.


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