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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Royal 440


  1. Have you been able to flip open the back, or whatever one does to look at the margins? Even with the magic gone, you should be able to set them by hand, and it may just be that the margin rail is dirty from years of not being used.

    Word verify: indent

    Yes, it was. No sure how, but it was.

  2. The word verify words are starting to scare me a little. They're stalking us!

    My SG-1 had a funky margin issue when I first got it...if I used the margin release, the left margin would release for good...until I removed the carriage (there's a quick release on the SG-1). It would then reset, but only until the next time I used the margin release. I never did figure it out, and it was actually that frustration (plus a ribbon reverse issue) that led me to take it down to Blue Moon/Ace Typewriters. Might be something to think about if all else fails.

    But then, I'm mechanically inept. It's one of many reasons I've pretty much decided to keep the collection small--it means I can mostly afford to have them all professionally serviced. Mostly. Then every two years or so I go and buy a complete basket case on eBay, just to keep things interesting...

  3. That thing says "Business Office". Do NOT smile while using that.

  4. Clearly a typewriter designed by a committee. "We need more 'putty' here. No, not taupe. Taupe is too flashy a color. Putty exudes the mediocre incompetence that is a hallmark of corporate America."


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