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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Studio 44


  1. WHAT A FIND!!!! That is just beautiful, good job getting there first. It will clean up very nicely. The Studio 44s are excellent typewriters, and script... you really do have all the luck :-)

  2. Love my Studio 44. It types like a machine half its size -- and that's a complement. It feels as deft and light as a Lettera, but with the solidity and and seriousness of a desktop machine.

    Like yours, my 44 came from Barcelona, too.

  3. I'm even MORE jealous to see it type *swoon* I need myself a little script machine now.

  4. The seller's rep (a housemate I suspect) said the seller collects typewriters and sells off the ones she is given that don't fit the collection. She said they'd had many calls on this one, and I told her a little of why. I got to see a wall of glass-keyed beauties. I do like the feel of this machine. I can't wait to get a new ribbon into it.

  5. Nice cursive! Do you like the feel of it?

    Good to hear that there are more typewriter collectors out there.

  6. I wondered if you saw that. They still have it posted (as of today). Nice find.


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