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Sunday, July 1, 2012


Tippa fits the rack just fine.  I won't take it a lot - it's precious - but it's nice to be able to.

better view this side

I kept thinking the keytops on the Tippa seemed familiar. Except for color, they are just like those on my Adler Universal.  I looked up the Tippa post on oz.typewriter and the keytops are the other difference (aside from the Triumph plate) from the other Tippa B's on that post.  Interesting taxonomy there.  Are keytops a dominant or recessive trait?


  1. Great looking typewriter. I really am going to have to get myself one of these Tippas I hear everyone talking about. I think I like the design of yours the best.
    I think it's neat that they have a 'Bicycle Sunday' in your area. We do not have anything like that here and, while I do not ride a bicycle, I can appreciate the idea of it. Those are some neat looking bikes, especially the blue one with the crate on the back.

  2. Thanks - those are all Townie comfort bikes, designed to let you put your feet flat on the ground (the pedals are pushed forward enabling leg extension). My wife has the milk crate. I don't have my basket or panniers mounted in these pics.

  3. Nice bikes -- nice typewriters.

  4. Glad to see the Tippa out and about! Looks like it fits nicely on the bike, and I am sure it enjoyed the outing. Since I have not yet had the opportunity to visit Tacoma, I shall think of the Tippa and live vicariously through its adventures with you :)

  5. Tippa S made by Adler has the same keys!


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