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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A grand day out

a pond at the Center for Wooden Boats for sailing models

montage of parking fees, typical of Seattle, and why we only come on parking holidays, as at the bottom.

A wild deer appears!


  1. Cool. That eagle is a nice sight!

  2. Agree with Richard, the eagle photos are awesome.

  3. Great shots of the eagle!
    Nice type fact too.

  4. I like the Eagle - I am sure he know that it was a big day. Equally impressed with the bridge. And of course, bravo for constant typing!

  5. I love that the typer still has the sticker from Goodwill on it. And such a lovely typeface! Those parking prices are quite high in the stratosphere...opportunism at its finest.
    I am happy to see the insurgency spreading. I would like to contribute in a way such as this, but I rarely get out to such venues to do so...


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