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Sunday, July 22, 2012

shopping on antique row

I went in search of my own vintage shaving equipment and found an amber bakelite-handled E3 Schick injector (from the late 30's I think).  I snapped it up for $15, eschewing the vintage Gillette at $25 across the street for now. I didn't find the injector blades at Walgreen, but I found them on Amazon for $4.80 a pack and placed an order.

While I was talking to the proprietor, I noticed a slide rule - a mid-century K&E but he directed my attention to the other case, which held a solid brass rule with some sort of Asian writing on the ends.  $54 was too steep but he said everything was half price to reduce stock.  Then he gave me both items for 40 anyway. 
 The slide rule turns out to be a WWII Japanese navy rule.  pretty spiffy.  Should I shine it up or preserve the patina?

So I toured the rest of the shop looking for typewriters, and found two that greatly interest me at "half price" which would be $19 each.  I may have to go back and snap them up.  tell me what you think.
round-key Lettera 22 in a brownish color

I got pics to look this up because no logo.  It turns out to be a Triumph Norm with a German QWERTZ keyboard. hmm...

Then I went to the bins, just to check.  Nothing much, except this rather interesting sewing machine for Adwoa.


  1. Heck yes, those would be sweet deals at $19 each!

  2. Go back now! $19 is a perfect price. Goodness, I'll buy from you the one you don't want.

  3. Do you really have to think twice about those typers? Yes!

  4. I agree with them ^^^^ I don't like the QUERTZ layout, but the machine looks great, especially for the price.

  5. So that's peer pressure, is it? Never experienced that before. My other reaction is what-no love for the brass slide rule or the vintage razor? But I understand. when I found out later that was a Triumph I was pretty interested. I wonder how it got to Tacoma.

  6. Haha, yes, peer pressure. I say go back whenever you have some time, check out both machines and buy if you feel they are in good condition. They are both very nice, though, and especially that Triumph must not be a model you come across often.

    Nice sewing machine; thanks for posting the pic :)

  7. That Triumph is GORGEOUS! Snap it up while you still can!

  8. believe it or not i actually found a vintage gillete razor in it's original box on the beach (with no rust!) a few years back. probably one of the most random things i have ever stumbled across in such a way.

  9. yup i say buy both bc both deserve to be saved. I bet you could make a decent profit too if you just bought to resell immediately.

    That beige lettera 22 is a hot commodity. They got for more than the standard green lettera on eBay at least.

    Now that Triumph - i hope you def get that one! You can bring it to our type-in next month!


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