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Tuesday, July 24, 2012



  1. Very interesting!

    I was unfamiliar with "Colossus," the book or the movie, so just brushed up on it thanks to our global cybernetic brain.

    I have been reading some Norbert Wiener (who coined "cybernetics"). To his credit, he believed that computer-run government was not just undesirable but impossible due to the human capacity to learn and innovate.

  2. oh well, in that case, sorry about the spoiler!
    Excellent film though, try to get a look at it if you have time.

  3. I would agree that it's only human to rebel against 'progress', but then, it's not in everybody's nature to do this. While technology provides a certain degree of expediency and convenience, it also runs the risk of taking away more than it gives. The paradox is that it frees up a little more time for us (internet banking on your mobile phone instead of standing in a queue in a bank) and we choose to fill this extra time with more useless endeavours like spending hours watching some dude hit a wall on his skateboard on Youtube instead of finding something more meaningful and long-lasting to do.
    And I've always felt that all of these old technologies that I use daily, such as fountain pens and hand-wound wristwatches, are a reminder to me of a time when people took their time. And valued their time.

  4. Luckily, I stopped reading your post the moment I realized that I might get more info about book/film than I really want to get. Definitely added to my lists.


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