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Monday, July 30, 2012

happening week

This is what I bought. blades sold separately and added later.

The media exchange has announced the typewriter acquisition on facebook.

If he posts a comment saying it's ok, I'll post the original pic.


  1. I cannot imagine lugging a KHM outside of my home. I type in public a fair bit but I always bring my portables. Major props to that guy, he's a trooper!

  2. I know, right? He was looking for a portable for that reason.

  3. The man has some style... If not serious devotion. I like him. Let's have him over for dinner.

    Hmmm... What would a typosphere dinner be like?

  4. Wow, a Singer Featherweight! How exactly does a swap meet work and why was I not attending yours so I could snag this awesome sewing machine ? :-)

    Great sighting... funny that I am writing a post on one myself!

    Taking a KHM to a park... I guess he drove there? Even though our park is quite close as you saw, I would not want to lug the Graphika (my only standard) that far!

  5. I can't imagine lugging a KHM any farther than a few yard from the car. Neat.

  6. Swap meet is just what they call it in this case - it's just like the sales you post with the sellers lined up.
    When I went to PHX last fall we had a typewriter dinner. The table gets crowded but it's fun.

  7. The media exchange looks like a great institution. Wish we had one.

    Props to the mobile KHM man!

  8. Props indeed to someone willing to lug a KHM to a park! Also, that 1950 QDL is the exact model I need to complete my collection of Tombstone-key QDL's - to bad it's all bent up. ):

    Also, also - I highly recommend Typosphere Dinners to the world, the one we had in AZ was something I'd like to repeat someday (:

  9. Great things happening! Wishing you many more of those discoveries.

  10. That particular sewing machine is a big deal, as far as the prices I have seen them go for at auction (and Adwoa's posts are concerned).
    Man...a KHM is anything but portable! I hope he contacts you so that we can have some more insight into his decision to bring such a large standard in place of a portable. Keep us posted!

  11. Things are happening in Tacoma, our own U.S. version of Geneva. Heavyweight public typing on a KHM, oh yeah!


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