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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

caving to pressure

Then there's this one:

No tab, and no labeling except "norm" - not even a "made in Western Germany" or anything!
But it is a swell typer - very similar to the Torpedo.


  1. Good man! They were worth saving. If you don't keep them, they will end up in the hands of some other deserving typewriter lover, I'm sure. I have a Lettera 22 just like that one (though made in Italy) and am very fond of it.

  2. Agree with Richard, that Lettera 22 is one pressure worth caving in for. And that's the 50's taupe variant too, not the more common blue.

  3. Peer pressure can be a wonderful thing. So nice that these are fully functional.

  4. Peter - theres got to be a smile on that face! those are 2 good looking additions!

  5. I see a case just like it in the stacks you posted so I think you know! Yes I'm glad they are functional. I'm "deaccessioning" all the ones that aren't.


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