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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

500th post

typed on my first-ever typewriter, an Underwood standard from 1946

To start, this was my first post on 9/25/2010

I acquired a number of typewriters in short order, including two in Senatorial from Richard.

Looking for pics of typewriters, I discovered the Typewriter Brigade, and in that backwards way found NaNoWriMo.  2010 was my first attempt and I won with EXACTLY 50,000 words.

Does anyone else remember when Cows swept through the typosphere?

I designed the first International Typewriter Appreciation Month (April) commemorative stamp.  I think it can still be purchased.

First Type-in over here in the Pacific Northwest, Feb. 12, 2011. 

my first in-flight typecast

Typewriter Day, 2011

The Strike Force is, I hope, still in use at the school.  I haven't heard from the teacher, though I try every other week or so. 


  1. Cheers to you on your 500th!
    Nice flashback. That post with pics of your collection at the gallery was one of the things that got me excited about typewriters and the typosphere, I have you to thank for that.

    1. Thanks - I never knew that! Mention it when you get interviewed sometime, because Lord knows I never will be.

  2. Congratulations and thanks for sharing these highlights! You have been a dedicated blogger. I forgot that you began a little after I did. Your number of posts has far outstripped me.

  3. Love that Christmas poem, and the techno SM9 is pretty sick. Congratulations on a half-millennium!

  4. I agree with Richard; I thought this blog was far older - I guess because you are so prolific and you know everyone in the typosphere! Not to mention meeting more of us than anyone else :-)

    Congratulations on your 500th post - can't wait to get there myself, though it probably won't be for another couple of years at my pace :P

  5. Congrats on post no. 500! Your blog was one of the first few that I read. Nice work!

  6. Congratulations on 500!!!! This is the first time I saw the stamp. Thanks for posting some of your past highlights. Well done!

  7. 10/10 for persistence. "His sinewy hands..." was a laugh-out-loud moment. Great stuff.

  8. Congratulations to this jubilee! Looking forward to many more posts. I hadn't seen the stamp yet, and the drawing with the burning typewriter is great!!

  9. Thanks everyone! I left out a lot, but mostly more recent such as my Swiss trip & meeting Michael. Don't think I've forgotten.

  10. Congrats! It's been great to ride along with you as you share and explore. And your a damn fine Words with Friends player to boot!

  11. Congrats, sir!!

    And yes, I most definitely remember the cowcasting meme. I enjoyed it.:)

  12. as a new typospherian (just a few months under my belt) it's cool to see someone elses discovery of this wonderful world summed up in one great post!

  13. Congrats on this landmark! Thank you for doing a clip show, as opposed to a bottle episode. I think the posts from the planes were the most interesting for me. I have never once been on a plane, and neither have I taken a typewriter to a public place. Must be a bit of a sight on an airplane nowadays. Thanks so much for sharing, and here's to another 500!

  14. You really must engage in some public typing. Just choose your venue/time carefully to feel most at ease. I would start outdoors if you're really uncomfortable with the sound (I don't call it noise).


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