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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Happy Halloween


  1. Your Oliver types very nicely! My No. 9 is in great working condition, but I hardly ever break it out for typing. I should try writing a letter with it some time or something.

    We don't really do seasonal decorations at our house (my decision)...but your pumpkins look very nice! I have never had the patience to try carving one, and commend you!

  2. Ha, Oliver is the perfect machine for Halloween!

  3. Nice Oliver and I like your yard. One of my best memories of Halloween was carving the pumpkins as a child and getting to eat the seeds, sometimes roasted, most of the time we would only wash and dry them.

  4. Bill, you may have noticed the roasted seeds next to the Oliver there. I reshot the pic to include them when they were ready. It's one of my favorite memories too so I try to perpetuate it.

  5. Oliver sure has a lot of character! One of the most interesting designs I've seen.

    Your house sounds lovely with a great deal of personality, and you've carved out a nice Halloween environment and beyond in the back yard!

    Looks like you've made the most of what you have, which is great. In spite of the negative aspects of urban living, the positive qualities outshine them.

  6. Nice photos of the Oliver in a state of use .. and we did used to roast pumpkin seeds too when I was little. Have not done that in many years... maybe we will this year!


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