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Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Speaking of classics, Grandma's watch is on its way to get a new crystal.   The jewelers gushed over it and told me the bracelet was not original.  They showed me a classy black ribbony one that I think will look well.        It's still kept good time all week. The crown is not original either, so I wonder about the works inside (no I never opened it).


  1. I'm not aware of such a database, but then I've never bothered to look for one. Somehow, I doubt that it exists, since watch designs tend to be grouped by Manufacturer rather than type. And also, some watch designs tend to blur the line between dress watch and sports watch.

    One famous watch designer was Gerald Genta, who passed away last year (or was it 2010?) and his designs had a very distinctive look about them. He did work for numerous brands from (I think) the early 1960s through to the Nineties, as well as releasing his own brand of watches.

    Regarding your Grandmother's watch, chances are that the crown had been replaced a few times during its lifetime. This is especially the case if a watch is hand-wound.

  2. The watch data base would be interesting. Think of all the millions of just any one brand out there. I'd like to see one that would include photos. Compared to a typewriter database I would perhaps spend hours there even though I do not collect watches.


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