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Monday, October 15, 2012


The auction is here

Below is the watch.


  1. That is a rather nice looking watch! Many nice Russian watches can be found on Etsy for quite reasonable prices, but I am a bit wary of ordering one. They come with a 'guarantee', but even still. However, so many of them are very classy...I might just break down one of these days and get one for myself. Territz still has me lusting over that Omega Seamaster. The prices on eBay, even, go way out of my range, even though they are low compared to what the watches generally sell for.

    I am looking forward to the 500th post. That is a big milestone, so be sure to choose an appropriate machine for it!

  2. I'd be careful of that auction.

    The same photos were used on another auction on ebay a few months ago, and it was widely discussed that the seller was a shonk. You may be able to find a reference to it somewhere on the forums (portable typewriter I believe).

    It looks legitimate, and may be a great buy. But I'd do my research first.

  3. Oh hang on.... Let me revise that. This could be a different one.


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