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Monday, October 8, 2012

Swiss Pride

I don't suppose I've ever mentioned it before, but I was always told my grandmother was Swiss.  I never found out where her family was from.  So I'm entitled to some Swiss Pride of my own.

Post script news flash:  THIS just showed up on shopgoodwill!  I have a small bid in but would not mind seeing it go to a friend, so let me know if you're bidding.


  1. What an unusual Smith-Corona, I didn't even know such a machine existed. Hope you win it!

    The Swissa is a beauty.

  2. Every few months the Yahoo groups speculate about what they were for. It sure is peculiar.

  3. Another one of those things! I've seen one before, but I thought it would have been for a specialized purpose. What on earth ARE they for!?

  4. I love the Swissa color scheme and mild chrome treatment.

    Thanks for posting the link to the SCM on shopgoodwill. I hope this interesting beast comes to live with you.

  5. What is it with these one-row greek typewriters? I have seen them before.

    I like your typecast. Now you're all Swiss, with the typewriter, the watch, and, last not least, the grandmother. Genealogy is fairly well developed in Switzerland, so I suppose you could find out about her origins.

  6. I hope you win that crazy one-row machine! I've been wanting one, but I'm running out of room. They sure are curious.

    I too like to buy vintage gifts. Only certain family members appreciate them, however, so I have to keep it in mind. These same family members appreciate handmade stuff as well, so they are the easiest group to shop for. The others tastes are generally too dear for my pocketbook.

  7. Good luck with the Smith-Corona, I won't be bidding.


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