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Sunday, October 7, 2012

bike & traincast

something going on with the ribbon, I must have a look at that.
before typing, parked my bike

Mariachi?  Sure, why not?  They were very good.
update: the watch is still keeping good time and seems to be self-winding properly


  1. HA! I love that you parked your bike right on the train. I mean, I have never ridden a this commonplace?

  2. They encourage it. The idea is to get cars off the road so bikes are welcome to the limits of capacity so people can start and end their trips farther from the stations. That said, I parked in a wheelchair spot and would have had to move had it been needed. The bike parking (two spaces) was at the far end of the car. All cars are the same that way.

  3. Cool, I'm glad to hear that trains are being promoted where you are. I miss train rides. I used to be a regular train commuter when I lived in the Netherlands. Bikes in trains are extremely common in Europe.

    Mariachi is a nice touch!

  4. A bike on the train in the USA. Now that is different. I've not heard a Mariachi band since I left VA. One of my favorite Mexican restaurants there had one on Sunday afternoons.

  5. Bikes, trains, and typewriters == great things all!


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